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Product Description

Features/Benefits :

  • Enriched with prebiotic FOS :
  • Improves and maintains gut function.
  • Nutritious and delicious
  • No after taste therefore good patient acceptance and compliance
  • Available in three Delicious flavors -
  • Vanilla, Mango and Chocolate
  • Lactose free
  • No diarrhea due to lactose intolerance
  • Gluten free
  • Can be given to celiac patients
  • Heart and Gut friendly
  • Low cholesterol
  • Rich in MUFA
  • Meets 100% RDA for macro and micro nutrients
  • 1 ml = 1 kcal easy to count calories
  • Versatile
  • can be given as sip feed as well as tube feed
  • Dissolves well
  • Low residue diet
  • Fresubin® is preferred due to following characteristics -
  • 50 gm Fresubin gives 225 Kcal.
  • One serving i.e. 50 gm in 180 ml water gives 220 ml of feed which gives 220 Kcal. 1500ml meets 100% RDA (Except fluoride), for macro and micronutrients. Contains adequate amount of all essential Vitamins and Minerals
  • MUFA and Omega-3 fatty acid profile is in line with current research i.e. MUFA and provides RDA(European) of omega 3 fatty acids

Packaging :

  • 400 gm and 200 gm tin
  • Fresubin Vanilla available in 400 gm pack
  • Fresubin Mango available in 200 gm pack
  • Fresubin Chocolate available in 200 gm pack

Storage :

  • Once opened, can must be stored in a cool, dry place but not refrigerated. Reseal lid tightly. Use contents within 2 weeks after opening.

Usage :
Usage / Administration: Sip feeding & Tube feeding

To prepare a 220 ml feed take 180 ml of cold potable water in a glass. Add 50 g of Fresubin powder (4 level scoop)(Scoop enclosed) and stir until dissolved. EN is not recommended in : Gut atonia, paralytic illeus, severe organic disease, severe insufficiency of liver and kidney , severe malabsorption, congenital pathologic metabolism of nutrients contained in Fresubin

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