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Product Description

Features/Benefits :
Low Glycemic Load and Low glycemic Index:
  helps to stabilize plasma glucose levels
High Dietary Fibre :
  For healthy gut function
MUFA rich
  For improved glycemic control and hyperlipidemia compared with high CHO diets
High in chromium
  For improved insulin sensitivity
Contains Fructose, Starch and Maltitol
  For low glycemic index
Enriched with prebiotic FOS :
  Improves and maintains gut function.
1500 ml gives 1500 kcal that fulfills 100% RDAs for vitamins and minerals
  Concentrated sources of vitamins and mineral

     Fresubin DMTM is preferred due to following characteristics -
Contains carbohydrate blends with low glycemic index.
High fibre content, high soluble fibre
Special fibre blend containing guar gum and Soya fibre effective in cholesterol control also.
Contains antioxidants : provides all essential Vitamins and Minerals

Packaging :
400 gm and 200 gm tin
  Fresubin DM Cardamom available in 400 gm pack
  Fresubin DM Vanilla available in 200 gm pack

Storage :
Once opened, can must be stored in a cool, dry place but not refrigerated. Reseal lid tightly. Use contents within 2 weeks after opening.

Usage :
Usage / Administration: Sip feeding & Tube feeding

To prepare a 225 ml feed take185 ml of cold potable water in a glass. Add 50 g of Fresubin DM powder (4 level scoop)(Scoop enclosed) and stir until dissolved

EN is not recommended in : Gut atonia, paralytic illeus, severe organic disease, severe insufficiency of liver and kidney, severe malabsorption, congenital pathologic metabolism of nutrients contained in Fresubin.

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